Does WirelessWerks guarantee its work?
We stand behind our work 100%. In fact, unlike anyone else in the industry, we have a post-project customer satisfaction program designed to ensure your complete and full satisfaction.
What is your approach to safety on the job?
Safety is more than just a word to us. It is embedded in our culture and in every action we take on the job. WirelessWerks has an impeccable safety record with OSHA certification.
In the event we have concerns or problems, how quickly will you respond?
Customer responsiveness is ingrained in our culture. You will always have a WirelessWerks project leader to rely on. We guarantee a 12 hour turnaround, and most of our customers’ inquiries are attended to instantly by phone.
What type of insurance coverage do you carry?
WirelessWerks is fully insured on a state, national and international basis.
Years of companies overselling their skills and overpromising their deliverables have left me skeptical. Can you actually do what you say you'll do?
When we commit to delivering to customer, we make it happen. But don’t just take our word. If you are considering WirelessWerks for a an upcoming project, we’ll put you in touch with our customers and you can hear it from them.
In the wireless world, project plans can (and often do) change on the fly. Can you accommodate last-minute project scope adjustments?
Absolutely. Our compensation structure dictates that each and every WirelessWerks team member has a stake in the success of every project we take on. What is good for you is good for us. We are committed to making your real-time project work.
How much industry experience do your company and crew possess?
Our senior Operations Managers have been with WirelessWerks for an average of five years, with expertise in seamless wireless project management, RF network design, switch build, and installation and testing.
Does WirelessWerks carry all of the requisite certifications for their work? Are the certifications current?
WirelessWerks holds current vendor certifications that enable us to guarantee each job meets the required specifications.
We have used WirelessWerks in the past and were pleased with your work. We are interested in hiring you again for a different kind of project. How broad is the scope of services you can offer?
We’ve been at the Wireless game since the ‘90s and have built a reputation for staying well ahead of the industry ‘s changing face. Our current service portfolio is broad and constantly evolving. Tell us what you need, and we’d be glad to prepare a thorough, well structured proposal to tackle your requirements.